Proof Mango is a copy editing and quality assurance service for online course creators.

Your course is brilliant — we make sure you sound that way.

We correct grammar and format, but we also make sure the message and flow of your course is clear.

And because we're also passionate digital marketers, we do a deep dive to make sure everything in your course works. (We check all the tech.)

Course Creator

"You make us look smart."

- Catalyst Marketing


We check course content for basic punctuation, grammar, spelling, margins, consistency, and format. Basically, we make you look good.

Copy Editing

We check for basic grammar/spelling, but also correct language. We make sure your words flow correctly, that your message is appropriate for your audience, and that your content is organized.

Quality Assurance

Need to make sure your course is of high quality? We make sure it's structured in a way that's clear for your students and that all of the technology in your course actually works.

Watch a quick demo.

Watch a short demo video of what happens from the moment you book a call with us, to the moment your course materials are delivered.