The Ultimate Digital Course Academy Review (Your All-In-One Resource)

Amy Porterfield Digital Course Academy Review

You’ve probably been Googling the heck out of Amy Porterfield’s flagship program Digital Course Academy (DCA). 

I don’t blame you. It’s a huge investment, and you have a lot of questions. 

As a 2018 DCA alumni and proud partner of DCA, I’m here to share with you all of the facts about the program so you can see if it’s right for you. 

The Ultimate Digital Course Academy Review (Your All-In-One Resource) 

Below are all of the important details of Digital Course Academy, and links to where you can find the most helpful information. 

What is Digital Course Academy? 

Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn their knowledge into a digital course that generates consistent revenue through live and evergreen webinar launches.

Whether you have an idea for a course, you’re doing one-on-one work (coaching, consulting), or you already have a course (but aren’t seeing great results), Digital Course Academy helps you go from struggling to make money online to creating a profitable asset you can launch online over and over again. 

The program offers a step-by-step strategy for the entire course creation and promotion journey — from course creation to launching with online webinars.

Amy Porterfield created Digital Course Academy after creating and launching 8 digital courses over the years that have made her millions of dollars ($9 million in 2019 alone). 

Amy’s teaching style is personable and step-by-step, breaking down big, scary concepts (like course launches) into manageable bites that anyone can do. 

What makes Digital Course Academy different?

There are so many courses on how to create and sell an online course that it’s overwhelming.

You never know quite who to trust to take you on your course creation journey. 

So here’s a breakdown of what makes Digital Course Academy different from all of the other programs out there, based on my personal experience taking the course.

Digital Course Academy teaches you how to both create and launch your course. 

Most courses today teach you either how to create your online course or launch it. 

In the past, Amy Porterfield had two courses: Webinars that Convert and Courses That Convert, both of which helped you launch and create your course (separately).  

With Digital Course Academy, she’s combined both of those courses in one. You’re not getting just course creation information or just course launch strategies — you’re getting both in an all-in-one program. 

Digital Course Academy is Webinars that Convert and Courses that Convert in one program

It’s a signature course that allows you to step inside with an idea for a course, and exit the other side with an asset you can successfully launch over and over again.

In fact, Amy recommends launching your course several times over and over for maximum success.

If you’re not sure what that looks like, check out some of the inspiring Digital Course Academy success stories here

You’re completely taken care of from start to finish.

Amy wouldn’t have the audience or track record she does without serving her people first. As a course reviewer, I’ve seen a lot of courses, and one thing I always find missing is the face of the instructor

Unfortunately, courses have become another quick way to make passive income, and it’s all too easy to set it aside (and dismiss your students) after it starts bringing in consistent income for you.

Not with Amy. 

She’s the kind of course creator who shows up for her students weekly to make sure they’re constantly motivated, taken care of, and doing the work. 

Amy Porterfield Quote

For example, this year (2020), Amy is going live in the Digital Course Academy Facebook group 4 times a week to make sure all your questions are answered as you journey through her course. 

Also new this year are her accountability pods. These are going to be small groups she’ll assign you, so you always have the support you need, and won’t get lost in the huge DCA Facebook group. 

There’s a resource for everything in DCA. 

Have questions you can’t seem to find answers to? There’s an entire Q&A Vault inside DCA for every single module with questions and answers. 

Digital Course Academy Question and Answer Vault

Stuck on how to price your course or what to name it? There’s a resource for that.

Not sure how to set up your course in your online platform? There’s a resource for that. Amy has an entire tech library with tutorials on how to use Kajabi to host your course material. 

If Amy tells you to do anything inside DCA, she gives you adequate resources to get it done. 

This is NOT something all courses do, and it’s what separates DCA from the pack. 

You’re learning from a highly successful course creator and marketer.

Amy’s made nearly 9 million dollars in one year from the courses she’s launched, and having followed her for the last 5 years, I can attest that she doesn’t leave anything out. 

Unlike a lot of people out there creating courses on courses, you know you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look into every aspect of how Amy has built her online course business: from creating drool-worthy content to prime her future students, to launching evergreen funnels to sell her course over and over. 

Amy teaches it all, and she doesn’t leave anything out. 

Sometimes when you want to create something wonderful, you have to look at what the people who have done it are doing, and that’s what Amy does in Digital Course Academy. 

What comes inside Digital Course Academy?

At a high level, Digital Course Academy comes with 7 implementation modules, a step-by-step launch plan, and bonuses that help you take your email marketing, social media, and sales page strategies to the next level. 

Module List 2020 Digital Course Academy

At a high level, here’s the breakdown of what comes inside Digital Course Academy: 

  • 7 Implementation Modules showing students literally EVERYTHING they need to do to turn their expertise into a profitable digital course that their audience truly wants.
  • A complete, step-by-step launch plan showing them how to create and deliver a high-converting Masterclass presentation that ethically (and authentically) enrolls dozens, if not hundreds of students, every time they deliver it.
  • The Webinar Fill-Up Formula to make sure they never deliver to an empty room again, and instead get a packed house full of perfectly-targeted, “ready to buy” prospects.
  • Next-level email marketing, sales page, and social media strategies to amplify their results and get up to 3x the enrollments. 

More specifically, here are all of the modules inside Digital Course Academy 2020, and what each one of them offers. 

Module 1: The 7 Key Decisions

In the first module of Digital Course Academy, you’ll learn: 

  • How to choose your course topic
  • How to fine-tune your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) 
  • How to select your digital course type
  • How to craft your stellar course name
  • How to price your digital course
  • How to choose your digital course content creation strategy
  • How to schedule your launch dates

Module 2: Pre-Selling and Validating Your Digital Course

In the second module, you’ll learn: 

  • The course calls validation strategy
  • Social validation strategies
  • How to articulate and declare your course promise
  • How to implement a founding members pre-sell strategy
  • How to create a 30-day pre-launch runway

Module 3: The Art of Outlining Your Course

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • How to outline your course with the Porterfield Process
  • The 5 steps involved in this strategy

Module 4: The Digital Course Academy Sales Page Blueprint

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • Crafting your irresistible launch offer
  • The Digital Course Sales Page Blueprint
  • The behind-the-scenes tour of a high-converting sales page

Module 5: The Profitable Webinar Presentation

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • The Profitable Webinar Framework
  • The golden rules for delivering a profitable webinar
  • How to be a pro on your live webinars
  • How to map out your live webinars
  • The 5 key elements of a high-converting webinar registration page
  • The 7 strategies to boost webinar signups
  • Setting your launch revenue goal

Module 6: Crafting Your Email Sequences

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • How to craft your webinar invite emails
  • How to craft your pre-webinar emails
  • How to craft your webinar replay emails
  • How to craft your post-webinar emails
  • How to craft your post-webinar sales booster emails
  • How to craft your new customer onboarding emails
  • The live launch wrap-up

Module 7: Recording Your Course

In this module, you’ll learn: 

  • How to choose your recording strategy
  • The art of teaching inside a digital course
  • Recording tips and tricks

When does Digital Course Academy open?

Digital Course Academy Waitlist

Digital Course Academy is open for enrollment September 9th – September 17th, 2020.

But Amy releases a ton of great free training before she launches, which will help you regardless of whether you enroll!

This year (2020), she launched The Digital Course Kickstarter: A 30-Day Bootcamp for course creators an entire month in advance of her course enrollment.

The bootcamp is for anyone looking to get their course ideas out into the world. It’s a free Facebook group where she goes live 1-2 times per week to give training on: 

  • How to choose your course topic
  • How to get clear on your ideal student
  • How to select your course type
  • How to craft your course name
  • How to price your online course
  • How to create your course content creation strategy

If you’re reading this before September 2020, join the bootcamp for free here.

I’ve also started a support group for any course creator in the bootcamp, which you can join here.

When does Digital Course Academy start? 

As of August 2020, Digital Course Academy starts September 21st.

The course has 7 modules, with one being released each week, allowing for three implementation weeks (where no new modules are released, so you can implement what you’ve learned up until that point). 

As mentioned, this year (2020), Amy is providing a full 12 weeks of support for her students in the 2020 DCA private Facebook group. 

This is really powerful, because Amy says it should take you about 90 days to create and launch your online course with DCA. So if you’re taking action each week, it means you’ll have access to her for the entire span of those 3 months (90 days). 

Once the 12 weeks are over, you’ll be added to her Insider’s Club Facebook group, and you’ll have access to the entire library of training materials in the DCA member portal, so you can revisit any assets you need to as you work through the course. 

The start date can change each year, so be sure to check this post for updates, or feel free to email me at if you have any questions not answered here!

How Much Does Digital Course Academy cost? 

The price of Digital Course Academy is $1997. This year (2020), you have the option to pay 6 monthly installments of $387 (totaling $2,322). 

However, this may not always be the case, so be sure to bookmark this post for future updates. 

Does Digital Course Academy Have a refund policy?

I have a really good feeling you’ll enjoy DCA, but if for any reason it’s not for you, as of September 2019, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re able to demonstrate you’ve put in effort to complete the course.

So you’re not stuck in a refund situation, here’s what you should know before you join: 

  • You won’t get results in a week — it takes up to 90 days to implement everything Amy teaches from start to finish, and she’s intentionally designed it that way. It’s meaningful course creation at its best.
  • You’ll have unlimited access to DCA forever. She launches it year after year, and you get the updates to your member portal each time she does!
  • If you do the work and you don’t see results, Amy’s team will refund your money, but you have to show that you put in the work. See her refund policy here.

Who is Digital Course Academy for?  

Digital Course Academy is a great fit for: 

  • People who have an idea for an online course, but they’re eager to jump in and do the work.
  • People who are currently doing one-on-one work (coaching, consulting, service-based businesses) and want to stop trading dollars for hours. 
  • People who already have a digital course, but are seeing lackluster, frustrating results.
  • People who can take their personal experience achieving a certain result and teach it to others.
  • People who got results for their clients and can now take the process they’ve used to teach students how to get those same results. 
  • People who have seen results from a system, technique, or tool, and now teaches that system they know so well. They have used this system to get results in either their 9 to 5 job, business, personal life, or with their clients. 

It doesn’t matter what niche or business you’re in — if you’ve got knowledge you can teach to help someone produce a result, you’ve got a course idea to bring to life in DCA.

If you want to see what kind of results people have gotten with this program, check out the testimonials page for DCA here

How will I know if I’m ready for DCA? 

Some course creators feel they need to have a HUGE email list or a big following to be successful in a program like Digital Course Academy.

Others feel like the tech will stump them, or they “don’t know marketing” and their course will flop. 

If some of these feelings are yours, I urge you to question them. 

We are all capable of great success if we really want it. There’s truly nothing that holds us back more than ourselves.

Let’s start by tackling that first issue of needing a big list or following.

You don’t need a huge email list or following to see success in DCA. 

There’s no doubt that a large email list helps, but DCA is perfect if you’ve got at least 250-300 subscribers on your list. 

And if your list is smaller than that, Amy's got you covered.

DCA 2020 has an updated section just for you, which has 3 bonus lessons with tips and strategies on growing your email list.

The good news is that Amy starts you at the very beginning — she gives you the steps for setting up your pre-launch runway before you start creating and marketing your course.

And these pre-launch steps help you create irresistible free content for your ideal student, so that you’re building awareness about your course before you create and launch it. 

She gives you the steps to grow your email list while you’re creating your online course, so you have a list of ideal students who are ready to buy by the time you launch.  

It’s okay if you’re tech-challenged.

Inside DCA, there’s a wealth of training on the tech aspects of creating a course, just waiting to be tapped. 

Amy has an entire Tech Library filled with tutorials on how to:

  • Organize your assets and documents
  • Upload your PDFs to Amazon S3 and WordPress
  • Implement your founding members pre-sell strategy
  • Create a course-focused freebie tutorial in Kajabi
  • Use Kajabi for your email marketing
  • Conduct live webinars
  • Use Kajabi to create your sales page
  • Use ConvertKit for email marketing

And these aren’t all of them! See a snapshot of the tech library below: 

Tech Library Digital Course Academy

Just know that if you’re tech challenged, Amy’s got you covered. 

And as a DCA partner, I’m here to offer support if you get stuck along the way.

It’s okay if you don’t “get” marketing. 

Amy has an entire podcast dedicated to making online marketing “easy”.

If you’re still not sure about DCA, give one of her free podcasts a listen here

She has an action-focused teaching style that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

That being said, in DCA, she does the same thing — she breaks online marketing down step-by-step so you’re not left wondering if you should be focusing on funnels, Facebook ads, YouTube, etc. 

In DCA, Amy gives you two easy methods for building your email list and filling your webinars: list-building and Facebook ads. 

She doesn’t teach you every marketing trick in the book, only the ones that she has seen success with, which means you’re learning about the only ones that count. 

All this is to say, you know you’re ready for DCA if you’re fired up about getting results for the people you want to teach

If you have the will and the motivation to persist in your mission to create an online course that changes lives and gives you financial freedom, you’re ready to dive into DCA.

That being said, if you see yourself in any of these situations, DCA is for you: 

  1. You are an established expert. You have an audience and a small email list, and you’ve been getting some traction with blogging, podcasting, or making videos. But you’re not generating enough revenue to make your online business a full-time gig.
  2. You’re someone who has an established business (online or offline), that is already generating revenue, but you’re looking to add a new income stream to the mix. You already have an email list, but you’re eager to take your knowledge and apply it to a digital course model.
  3. You’ve played the freelance game long enough. You’ve had clients and plenty of opportunities, but you’ve reached the point of highest tension, bordering burnout. You know a digital course is the answer, you just don’t know how to get started. 
  4. You’ve already created a course, but you’re not sure you did it right. You’re not sure how to market it, and you’re looking for a framework to make it all work. 

Who is NOT right for Digital Course Academy?

If you’re starting out at ground zero with no following and no email list, I’d recommend starting with Amy’s smaller course, List Builder’s Society

While there are a few bonus lessons on list-building in DCA, it’s not the focus. But it does teach you how to nurture and engage the email list you already have, so your subscribers are ready to buy from you by the time you’re ready to launch your course.

DCA is also not for people who want to get rich quickly with a course. It’s not for silver-bullet, quick-passive-income seekers. 

What Amy teaches is focus, dedication, and persistence. She teaches that you can build and launch your first online course in 90 days.

What type of people take DCA, and what results can I expect? 

DCA has helped so many people put their know-how into an online course, from all walks of life. 

The program doesn’t guarantee results, but it has helped a lot of people launch their course successfully multiple times over. Here's a quick video of all of the inspirational Digital Course Academy testimonials that I absolutely love, and how you can sort to find the best testimonials to match your own situation. 

If you’re interested, I encourage you to check out some of the success stories on her wait list page, from past DCA students. 

Can I get one-on-one support in DCA? 

This year (2020), Amy will be going live every week in the DCA Facebook group 4 times a week. There will be an opportunity to submit your questions to get answered as you get stuck on things throughout the journey.

Not to mention, the entire group of DCA-ers is one you can lean on throughout the entire journey — Amy’s team and fanbase are both extremely supportive and encouraging. 

Plus, if you need additional one-on-one help, I offer that through the Proof Mango + DCA Bonus Package

Speaking of, here’s what I’ll be offering for course creators who purchase DCA through my partner link.

The Proof Mango + DCA Bonus Package

I’m a proud partner of Amy’s Digital Course Academy. Amy has inspired me to consistently show up for my audience every day, and she’s the reason I’ve been able to create a great community of inspired course creators who believe in course quality here at Proof Mango. 

I believe in her ability to take people from point A to B in creating and launching their online courses, and she’s fantastic at making things doable, especially for people who don’t have a background in marketing.

Because she’s inspired me and changed the lives of so many people, if you purchase Digital Course Academy through my link, I’ll receive a commission. 

And it’s because of our partnership that I’m able to offer such valuable bonuses designed to help you maximize your experience in Digital Course Academy, and create better results for both you and your students long-term. 

I think you’re going to love these bonuses! 

DCA Bonus #1: A Top-to-Bottom Review of Your Online Course

Once you’ve finished creating your course, I’ll put it through the Proof Mango course review framework and give it a complete, in-depth review.

This means your course will be checked for content clarity, design, and functionality. 

My main goal is that your students have a killer experience and aren’t distracted by errors in tech or content. 

With this bonus, you get a full course review, normally priced at $500, to make sure your course is giving your students the best experience possible. 

Most course creators create their course and never get a second pair of eyes on it before they launch, leading to refunds, disappointed students, and bad reviews.

With my course review, I’ll take your course like a student would, so you have all of the insight you need on how to improve it and make it the best it can be before launching it. 

DCA Bonus #2: 12 Weeks of Exclusive Access to Our Private DCA Support Group

When you enroll in Digital Course Academy as my bonus member, you’ll get access to a private DCA student-only support group on Facebook.

This will give you intimate access to me and a select few DCA 2020 students who will be working together to support each other and hold one another accountable, as we create and launch our courses together. 

Without a support group to lean on, the overwhelm and long nights overthinking your course topic, promise, and price are enough to make you crazy. 

To make this extra special, I’ll be organizing weekly group Zoom sessions to help keep us on track and moving forward, so we can bust through any roadblocks standing in our way to creating and launching our courses. 

I’ll also be going Live each week to answer any questions you have, and providing recaps for all of her lessons dripped out each week.

Having support can mean the difference between you quitting or continuing, and when you have that kind of support, you become unstoppable. It’s just one of the ways we can support you if you join us in DCA. 

To join DCA and become an exclusive member of our DCA support group, click here.

DCA Bonus #3: A List of 100 Online Students to Help You Validate Your Course Topic

If you join DCA, market research will be a big part of your course creation process. You’ll need to find out where your ideal student hangs out, and message them to have a quick course call, so you know exactly what they’ll need.

I’m giving you 100 social profiles of online students who have already taken online courses across 5 niches:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business & Marketing
  • Software & Technology
  • Personal Development

So when it comes time to interview your ideal student, you have some social profiles to start with, cutting your research time in half. 

Here’s a snippet of the profiles: 

DCA Bonus #4: Behind-The-Scenes List-Building Debrief: How I Grew My List by +100 Subscribers in One Month (And Get +15 Steady Subscribers Per Week)

List-building is a huge part of DCA. You can’t launch successfully unless you have at least 200 people on your list. 

I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes video training of exactly how I grew my list by +100 subscribers in one month, and how I manage to bring in a steady influx of subscribers every week. 

I’ll give you a hint: it includes small tweaks to your website that anyone can do. 

DCA Bonus #5: Weekly Cliffs Notes of Each Lesson of DCA

Every week after a new lesson of DCA is dripped, you’ll get a “Cliffs Notes” version of the lesson, which will be my simplified version of how to put the lessons into action.

It’s too easy to get stuck on naming your course, planning out the content, and marketing it. 

Another perspective each week will keep you motivated to do more with less, and my background in reviewing online courses will keep you focused on putting your best foot forward for your students. 

Too many people focus on the money when it comes to online courses — I’ll keep you focused on making progress in DCA, but also meeting your students’ expectations so you’re not getting emails from angry, disappointed students who say you didn’t deliver. 

If I'm not ready for DCA, how can I learn from Amy for free?

As of August 2020, Amy is offering a ton of free resources to help you get started with your online course.

Your Next Steps

To date (September 2020), that is all of the information I have about Amy’s flagship program, Digital Course Academy. 

I hope this post has helped you understand what’s involved, and answer any burning questions you still had about the course. 

I know Digital Course Academy won’t be right for everyone, but if the details resonated with you, it’s probably because something inside of you that’s longing to be shared. There’s truly nothing like sharing your knowledge with someone else for the greater good of the world as a whole.

If you feel you’d like to teach something online, learn from the best, and join us in Digital Course Academy


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